Construction and rehabilitation page

SERVINDUSTRIA 360 performs Project Management and Project Management implementing management processes for the control of design, supply, construction and start-up.


The S360 construction area carries out the construction of all types of buildings of various types:

  • Infrastructures.
  • Singular building.
  • Residential building.
  • Industrial works.


Servindustria 360 has a long tradition in the rehabilitation, reform and restoration of buildings and has specialized personnel in this type of work.

  • Facade waterproofing.
  • Roofs and roofs.
  • Structural reinforcements.
  • Floor and wall cladding.
  • Adaptation of warehouses for specific uses.
  • Comprehensive reforms.

Energy rehabilitation

The buildings are getting older and need to be rehabilitated, it is important that the works are done thinking about reducing energy consumption.

  • Energy rehabilitation of facades and party walls.
  • Fajones or forged edges.
  • Change of plane on the facade.
  • Lintels, Gutters and Jambs.
  • External woodwork.
  • Terrazas Bibs.
  • Detachment of facade cladding.

Underground Work

With our subsidiary MTH PERFOTEC we carry out excavation projects such as drilling with micro tunnel boring machines and driving pipes, providing an adequate solution for the development of urban underground projects.